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A Real Public Health Insurance Choice

Posted on April 9th, 2009 by Charlie Albanetti

There’s a real opportunity to win quality, affordable health care for everyone in America this year.

But ensuring that everyone has access, quality and affordability will require a strong public health care option.

Senator Schumer has been named to oversee the Senate Finance Committee’s look at a public option. We need to let Senator Schumer know that we’re counting on him to make sure that everyone has the choice of a real public health insurance plan.

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Senator Chuck Schumer

Senator Chuck Schumer

Our efforts over the next few months will have a direct impact on the health care reforms that happen this year.

And, because we live in New York, we have an especially important role in this national battle as we work with our Health Care for America Now coalition partners across the country.

Let’s let Senator Schumer know that we strongly support access to a quality, affordable, public health insurance option for everyone in America.

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