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My Health Care Story

Posted on May 26th, 2009 by David Vigoda

I am among the fortunate: My family can afford its health insurance premiums and none of us has been seriously sick or injured. So I have not personally shared the agony of those who cannot afford to pay for the health care they need or have been cruelly denied coverage by the insurance policies they pay for. My commitment to quality affordable health care for all is on behalf of all of us.

When Senator Obama received the nomination for president, I looked in the mirror and asked myself how I would feel if he lost the election and I hadn’t done my part to elect him. So I started working in his campaign. After he was elected, I looked in the mirror again and asked myself how I would feel if I didn’t help bring about the change for which he was elected. I picked the issue about which I felt most strongly and started working on health care reform.

As a result, I have talked to lots of people, and many of them have spoken to me of their struggles to get proper health care for themselves, for their children, for their parents. Many of them are not well off financially, but plenty of them are. Yet, even with so-called good policies, they are denied coverage. Or they lost their coverage when they lost their job. Or, with premiums rising so much faster than their income, they worry some day soon they won’t be able to find the money.

I know any of those stories could become mine. Some day I could look in the mirror and see a haggard face. If that day comes, I don’t want to have to admit that, when I had the chance to help cure our sick health care system, I passed it up.

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