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The 1,000 July Count-down

Posted on July 23rd, 2009 by David Vigoda

It’s crunch time. If we don’t pressure Congress to report health care bills out of committee by the August 3 recess, our opponents will use the delay to try to kill reform. To counter that, we need 1,000 more people across the Capital District to endorse the president’s plan.

1,000?! How do we do that?! Simple: 40 people get 25 signers. Just 40 people across the Capital District. Can we do it? Yes, we can. Do it for someone you care about, who suffered because they couldn’t get proper health care.

(Though this event was designed for one New York region, it’s easy to adapt to wherever you live.)

Here’s how it works: By registering for the event here…
…you agree to get 25 signers any way you like by July 31 (8/2 at the latest). You can walk around your neighborhood or town/city center, or attend a local event. (Bring a friend for moral support.) You can talk to people at work, church, a club meeting, or party. Contact friends and relatives.

Anyone who has done this knows how easy it is. You don’t need to convince anyone, because the majority supports the president’s plan. Just ask people, “Would you support the president’s health care reform plan by signing your name?” Some will, some won’t. Thank everyone and move on.

Here are some upcoming events that draw good crowds:
Weekdays (12 to 1): lunch crowds on State, Pearl, and Broadway, and in the park behind the Capitol.
7/29 (10 to 2): Farmers Market, Empire State Plaza.
8/1 (12 to 7): African American Family Day, Empire State Plaza.
7/27, 28 & 29: SPAC
7/29 and after (1:00): Saratoga races
7/31 to 8/2: Hats Off to Saratoga Festival
7/26 & 8/2 (7:00): Music Haven Concert Series, Central Park
7/27 to 8/1 (matinee & evening): Proctors Theater
7/30 (12 to 1:30): Jazz on Jay Street
7/29 & 30, 8/1 & 2: Freedom Park Concerts
7/31 (evening): Troy Night Out
7/31 (5 to 11:30): Rockin on the River
8/1: Troy Farmers Market (on premises with permission or nearby)
There may also be events out in Schoharie, down in Hudson, over in Chatham, and elsewhere. You folks know the local events. And let’s not forget the crowds at Woodstock, Lake George, and Tanglewood. It’s all good.

Just look at all these opportunities! 1,000 signers, piece of cake! Let’s go, Capital District, we can do this! Yes, we can!

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